God's Own

What is Yorkshirecoin?
You What?

Now you have another currency to never get a round in with

What if we told you there’s a way for you to earn loads of money that you’ll never spend? WELL THERE RUDDY WELL IS.*

*Investments can go arse over tit. If you lose owt then it's your own bloody fault.

Giveaway Begins In...
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Download Wallet

Once the giveaway begins, you will be able to download a wallet from this site and generate a Yorkshirecoin address. The wallet works just like a Bitcoin or Litecoin wallet.

Verify Yorkshireness

Tweet or Instagram post your verification photo along with your wallet address. Only genuine Yorkshire lads and lasses can use Yorkshirecoin, so you must be either wearing a flat cap or drinking bitter in your photo as irrefutable proof.

Receive Free Coin

If your verification photo is a reyt bobby dazzler, you will receive the 10 YRK you are entitled to by birthright. Then you can start using God's Own Cryptocurrency in place of Thatcher's so called "pounds".


Strong & Northern Currency

Bigger, better, faster and probably better at cricket than Lancashirecoin.

Tek back control

By Yorkshire, for Yorkshire. None of them southern silly buggers.

Annual Show

Come and see the Yorkshirecoin stand at the Driffield Agricultural and Cryptocurrency Show.

Job Creation

Miners of Yorkshire, we're back in business.

Blockchain Technology

The Yorkshirecoin blockchain and proof of work algorithm proves that where there is muck, there is in fact brass.

Expert Support

Anytime from 9 while 5 when we're not on strike.


Download the Wallet for your Machine

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